Canada E-Juice


Brand Canada E-Juice

10mL Plastic Bottles



Cola Bottles: Just like the 5 cent candies you used to buy at your local corner store when you were a kid. 

Menthol Tobacco: Menthol and Tobacco blended to perfection. If you smoked menthols, then be sure to check this one out. It is one strong menthol that is sure to give you a good kick in your sinuses. 

Red Bull: A sweet fruity flavour, if you love the drink then you'll love this juice! But this one won't give you wings. 

RY4: This is one of the most popular tobacco flavours that Canada E-Juice makes, a smooth, full flavoured tobacco with slight sweet undertones. 

RY4 Double: RY4 Double is Canada E-Juice's number one selling flavour. A smooth, full flavoured tobacco blend with nutty, caramel undertones.