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B&C Trean


Brand B&C Vape Industries

Comes with two bottles of 6mg Twisted Bakers Special juice!

  • 22mm diameter.
  • Hybrid milled on atomizer connection. There is no top cap at all, and your atomizer pin directly contacts the top of your battery.
  • A spring on the bottom cap automatically adjusts for battery height. This mod requires no adjustments to use. Just screw on an atomizer and throw in a battery.
  • Flush button switch with no lock. Long smooth throw.
  • Made from aerospace grade brass in the USA.
  • Comes in a fancy laser cut box with an authenticity card.

Only ever use atomizers that have a protruding positive pin on a hybrid mod. If your atomizer center pin does not stick out from the 510 threads, it will hard short your battery.

Mechanical mods are for advanced users only. You are responsible for your own safety and performance. Only use IMR lithium ion batteries in mechanical mods. Mechanical mods require cleaning and maintenance to continue functioning properly. They do not have any safety features such as short circuit or under-voltage protection. Draining a lithium ion battery too far can ruin the battery, and shorting a lithium ion battery will result in high temperatures and the battery can vent. There is no warranty on mechanical mods, and all returns are at our discretion only.