Brand VanGo

Available in 10mL & 30mL Plastic Bottles


Albino: Mellow white grape with light undertones of blueberry and vanilla.

Cool Soft Fuzz: A simple yet powerful blend of watermelon, peach and pineapple. Just the right balance of sweetness. 

Cool Tropix: Combination of pineapple, tropical flavours with a hint of mint. 

Melon Craze: Creamy watermelon mixed with ripe honeydew and cantelope. 

Peach Sorbet: A combination of creamy peaches and ripe strawberries. 

Red Albino: A delicate combination of raspberry and strawberry on the inhale, with a succulent white grape exhale.

Sour Skittles: Just like a bag of those oh so good, colourful candies. 

Tropical Paradise: A combination of fresh lychee and mango with tropical fruits.