VanGo Frozen


Brand VanGo

30mL Plastic Bottles



Frozen Berries: A frozen combination of blueberries, strawberries, raspeberries and blackberries that's sure to send a rush of flavour to your taste buds.

Frozen Blueberry: An icy flavour of refreshing blueberries.

Frozen Mango: A frozen essence of mango caught when its fresh. 

Frozen Peaches: Ripe juicy peaches mixed with icy sensations will help you keep cool no matter what the weather is. 

Frozen Soft Fuzz: A fruit medley of Pineapple, Watermelon, and Peach with a frozen twist that will chill your sense. 


30mL Glass Bottles



Cream of Ice: Caramel and cream with hints of chocolate poured on crushed ice. 

Strawana: A cool strawberry and banana concoction, chilled to perfection for maximum taste.