Zest Ejuice


Brand ZEST Ejuice


60mL Plastic Bottle


Beach Bum

  • Beach Bum by Zest Ejuice is arguably the best lemonade mix ever created. Starting with a Georgia peach so fresh, so crisp, it tastes like it was picked straight from an orchard. Followed by sweet and tart lemonade, which permeates from every puff. And on the end-note, a zesty mandarin rounds out the exhale.

The Classic

  • Relive the good old days with The Classic by Zest Ejuice. An immaculately balanced blend of sour lemons and limes, sweet syrup, and an authentic flourish of zest on the end note. It’s an all-day-vape that evokes past memories—of simpler, sunnier days.


  • A sweet, pear-infused, cold brew, jasmine tea blended with a splash of tangy lemonade, finished with a sprinkle of hibiscus. Just the type of e-juice you’d want to vape on a hot summer day, lounging on the porch in your pajamas.


  • An herbal tea medley of passion fruit, orange peel, and dried berries, poured over ice and shaken with a touch of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Only a hipster barista could’ve made this.

Sun Kissed

  • Sun Kissed by Zest Ejuice is the most faithful take on this summer joy you'll ever vape. A perfectly ripened strawberry is the mark of every good summer. Juicy, but not soft. Impeccably sweet, but also a little sour. It's the perfect companion to a chilled lemonade.