Naked 100


Brand USA Vape Lab


60mL Glass Bottle



All Melon

  • an inhale of mouthwatering Watermelon tempered with rich, sweet Cantaloupe that finally ends with the ripe and bright Honeydew.

Amazing Mango

  • a mango, peach, and cream blend with a refreshing, sweet, and creamy profile.

Green Blast

  • pairs honeydew sweetness with the juicy, fresh tartness of fresh kiwi, finishing with a crispness of a granny smith apple.

Hawaiian POG

  • a smooth, refreshing and delicious blend of freshly squeezed Oranges, Passion Fruit's delightfully sweet and tart nectar, and exotically fruity and creamy Guava. 

Lava Flow

  • combination of fresh strawberries, with coconut, and pineapple.

Very Berry

  • an explosion of sweet, freshly picked Blueberries bursting with flavour combined with the rich complexity of Blackberries, finished off with a Lemon sugar drizzle.

Maui Sun

  • a sweet, tangy, and juicy golden Pineapple balanced by the smooth and citrusy duo of ripe Orange and sweet Tangerines.


Berry Belts

  • strawberry sourbelts, with sweet sugar and sour sugar, and a touch of citrus.

Sour Sweet

  • refreshing lime infused soft candy covered in the perfect blend of sweet sugar and sour sugar.

Yummy Gum

  • strawberry bubble gum, with sweet and juicy strawberry flavour.


Azul Berries

  • juicy and ripe Blueberry and a subtle undertone of Raspberry mixed with a cream blend.

Go Nanas

  • a tasty combination of a rich, sweet cream base topped with slices of rich and sweet Banana.

Naked Unicorn

  • takes the world famous heritage of Naked 100's fruity e-liquids and blends a sweet, juicy, and out of this world strawberry blend with the smoothest creams to present a perfect balance of notes. Naked Unicorn Testing Results

Berry Lush

  • decadent and fruity, a definitive blend of crisp and tart Pineapple and sweet and ripe strawberry with a rich cream.


Brain Freeze

  • ripe Strawberries and crisp Kiwi, backed with subtle yet complex Ruby Red Pomegranate essence, all served ice cold.

Polar Breeze

  • sweet and tart Pineapple, rich Cantaloupe, and smooth Honeydew slices, blending them into an ultra satisfying fruity frozen mix.

Very Cool

  • Freshly picked Blueberries, Blackberries, and Raspberries, flash freeze them, blend them, and drizzle a little bit of honey on top.