Our Story:

Nuage Vapor Lounge came to be when three friends came together wanting to see a cleaner and healthier future for their friends and themselves. With two of the founding partners being smokers at the time and one that just hated cigarettes and seeing his friends smoke while knowing the dangers of smoking; the growing popularity of electronic cigarettes drove us to want to spread the word and awareness of vaping in the hopes of seeing less people smoke. 

We here at Nuage pride ourselves in providing our customers with the best customer service possible. We will do our best to help find you what you need, whether you're new to Electronic Cigarettes or a vaping veteran. Nuage is your goto neighbourhood vape shop and we will provide vapers with friendly and knowledgeable service in a relaxed environment. 

At Nuage we try to carry a wide range of electronic cigarette products and accessories to cater to the vapors of the neighbourhood. You'll be able to find the basic starter electronic cigarettes from eGo (pen style) batteries to Eleaf iSticks, or mechanical mods and box mods for the more advanced users. You might even find some nice collectable items for those collectors out there. We carry all kinds of e-juice flavours, whether you’re into the fruity, sweet, savoury or dessert flavours, we can find something for you.

If you're not in the Vancouver area, please check out our online store! We provide everything we offer in-store online, so we can make our products available to everyone!


 Happy vaping!