Slurp E-Liquid


Brand Slurp E-Liquid

Max VG

60mL Plastic Bottles



  • Brainfreeze was always a concern for everyone as they guzzled down the delectable blue raspberry treat. After vaping on a bottle of Slurp's Blue, you'll never have to worry about brainfreeze again!


  • a sweet, orange freezie that tastes strikingly similar to a C-Plus soda!


  • just like your favourite slushy flavour, this e-juice tastes like a sweet, refreshing, ice cold grape.


  • This isn't your average run-of-the-mill red cherry, medicine-tasting flavor. Red by Slurp is the juice maker's take on the spot-on sweet, tart, and tangy red cherry frozen delight we all yearned for on a hot summer day.


  • reminiscent of your favourite white slushy, with a distinct tropical taste blended for the sweet-tooth's palate.